Club Grading Results

Friday 28th March 2014

Congratulations to all CSKC members for passing their grades. Special mention to Thomas Howarth who went from Temp 4th Kyu to Full 3rd Kyu.

Thanks to Anna Marshall ( 1st Kyu ) for taking the time to support this course.

Listed below are the successful candidates  and photos :


Young Tigers :

Jacob Smith- 9th Kyu

Dylan Marshall - 7th Kyu

William Curry - 6th Kyu

Alex Boyce  - 5th Kyu

Ben Howarth - 4th Kyu

Nina Gregory - 3rd Kyu

Antonia Powell - 3rd Kyu

Thomas Howarth - 3rd Kyu

Thomas Hayward - 2nd kyu

Abigail Hayward- 2nd Kyu

Sam Alexander - 1st Kyu



Matthew livings -  5th Kyu

Kaia Marples - 2nd Kyu

Sinead Mills- 1st Kyu

Linda Alexander- 1st Kyu