CSKC Grading- Nottingham

20th September 2013




S.N.K.C. played host to the gradings at their new venue, the state of the art, the "Lee Westwood Leisure Centre" in Nottingham.

Congratulations to the following CSKC members who passed their gradings :

Young Tigers
Bradley James - 9th Kyu
Dylan Marshall - 9th Kyu
Atticus Allard      - 9th Kyu
William Curry     - 8th Kyu
Kiera Henman   - 7th Kyu
Alex Boyce           - 7th Kyu
Nina Gregory      -  5th Kyu
Antonia Powell    - 5th Kyu
Abigail Heyward  - 4th Kyu
Thom Heyward    - 4th Kyu
Kaia Marples        - 3rd kyu
Sinead Mills          - 3rd kyu
Anna Marshall      - 2nd Kyu
Loretta Powell      - 2nd Kyu
Lucy Revill            - 8th Kyu
Matthew Livings _ 6th Kyu
Chloe Chandler  - 6th Kyu