Young Tigers

The Young Tigers( 5yrs- 9yrs) class was introduced in 2010 with four students. The class now runs twice a week with 10 -15 students per class.

The main aim of the Young Tigers class is to introduce children to the art of karate in a safe and enjoyable way.  Although the classes are aimed at children there is still a focus on the discipline, respect and courteousness found in a traditional senior class.
Parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay to watch the training session in order to see how their child develops through the grades, in fact several parents have taken up the art themselves training regularly in our senior classes.


Martial Arts and the Benefits for Children
It is now widely accepted that there are many benefits for children practicing martial arts, such as:-

  • Enhancing concentration and self-discipline
  • Increasing Self confidence
  • Improve physical fitness and flexibility
  • Develop a sense of purpose and development
  • Learning self-defence and how to avoid using violence in confrontation