Instructor Profiles

Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan - Chief Instructor

I started karate at the late age of 20yrs. I had tried judo for a short while but it lacked what I really needed at the time- discipline! A friend of mine told me that a Japanese gentleman had just started teaching karate in Weybridge, just a few miles from Cobham where I lived.

Sensei Tomita was to become my Instructor/ grading examiner for the next seven years.                        

As a routine I would train at the Weybridge dojo twice a week under Sensei Kevin Hickey and twice a week with Sensei Tomita at his Earls Court dojo. After a few months training ,Sensei Invited us to train with his sensei the legendary master Sensei Enoeda at the Marshall Street dojo. I became hooked on Karate.

Over the next few years I had the opportunity to train under many top visiting Japanese Instructors, namely : Sensei's Nakayama,Kase,Shirai,Tabata,Tanaka,Osano, Kagawa, Yahara and Ohta.

For the next few years my life revolved around Karate, Training, grading and competitions.

I had everything I wanted out of karate, or so I thought........................!

I relocated to Chesterfield,Derbyshire in 1979 as a 1st Dan. Almost immediately I was invited to train at a host of local clubs(Dronfield,Killamarsh and Sheffield) and through them I gained access to some of the best Instructors in the world. Sensei's Sherry,O'Neill,Poynton,Rhodes,Higgins,Brennan F and Brennan J.

Every weekend there was a training course with one of these Instructors.                                              

I competed regularly in many  Competitions for nearly 20 years with modest success but always performed with Pride and enthusiasm.

I retired from Competition in 1990 and soon after I qualified as a KUGB national judge and a year later as a referee.

In 2011, The Chesterfield Shotokan Karate club is celebrated  it's 40th year. I have been the senior Instructor for the last 34 years.  However, the club would not have survived but for the commitment and loyalty of Instructors Roger Beresford 29 years) and Winston McLeish (18 years). The sacrifices to their own personal training ( like all good Instructors) that they have made in order to help develop the club is immeasurable.

The club has produced many Dan grades ( black belts) over the years and I am proud of the fact that we have never lost a club Instructor to another club or association.

In 2012 , I  achieved 40 years membership with the KUGB. Also one of my students Sensei Mary Langen became the first club member to be selected onto the KUGB Junior England kumite squad. In 2013 Mary was again selected onto the squad and also fellow club member Curtis McLeish was not only selected but also represented England at the world championships in Liverpool. Fantastic achievements !!

Sensei's Sherry and Brennan continue to be a huge inspiration to my karate training and together with the karate ka that I train with at the club and on the courses, it is they that  are largely responsible for me reaching this extraordinary milestone.

In  March  2014 I was invited to take my 6th Dan exam by the Chairman of the KUGB, Sensei Sherry 9th Dan.

On the 4th October 2014, at the university of Bath I passed my 6th Dan grading.

Becoming a 6th Dan in karate is  special by any standards, something that I will always proud of.

My club Instructors played a huge role in preparing me for this exam- thanks to you all.

Dan Grades

1st Dan- 1979

2nd Dan - 1987

3rd Dan -1992

4th Dan - 1999

5th Dan - 2006

6th Dan- 2014


KUGB national Judge

KUGB national referee

Qualified St John's Ambulance first aider

KUGB assessor of Dan grades- since 1999


Central region squad co ordinator 1985- 1998

Central region Inter-region competition coordinator 1985-1998

Grand slam results coordinator 1995- 2015

Central region committee member 1995- to present date



Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan- Senior Instructor

Key Grading Dates:
Started training March 1984 
9th Kyu 28th June 1984 Sensei Poynton
1st Dan 12th December 1987 Enoeda Sensei
2nd Dan 9th March 1991 Enoeda Sensei
3rd Dan 8th April 1997 Enoeda Sensei
4th dan 1st October 2011 Sherry sensei

Training Details

Soon after starting Karate at Chesterfield SKC,   my Instructor, Sensei Gandy, encouraged me to train at other local KUGB clubs. I regularly trained under Senseis Sharpe, Mather and Oliver at Killamarsh, Sheffield and Nottingham clubs respectively.
In addition, I have trained regularly with all the senior KUGB British and resident Japanese Instructors. I have twice attended the Lancaster Summer School and when possible I have trained under visiting senior Japanese Instructors.
Central Region Squad
From 1994 to 1998 I was honoured to be selected as a member of the Central Region Kumite (fighting) Squad, training monthly under the tuition of Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan.
Competition Experience
In my 20’s and early 30’s I competed regularly in all major KUGB competitions and a few all style competitions.  I represented both Chesterfield and Nottingham Zanshin KC’s in individual and team events at the Central Region and National Championships, being a Central Region finalist for three years out of four in the late 1990’s.
Future Goals
Personal Development
I intend to foster my Karate knowledge and technique by continuing to train regularly at club level, and by attending training courses with the senior KUGB Instructors with the ultimate aim of attaining my 5th Dan.
Now retired from competition I intend to practice and qualify as a competition judge/referee in order to support the KUGB competition program.
Club Development
My main aim is to assist with the continued development and expansion of Chesterfield SKC and to promote KUGB Shotokan Karate in the local area.



Sensei Winston McLeish 4th Dan - Senior Instructor

I was born in Chesterfield, August 1967. I have always had a keen interest in sport from an early age. Taking part in football
and boxing as a school boy.

In 1988 I started training in Shotokan Karate at the Satori karate club in Chesterfield as I wanted to learn self defence.
In 1995, I left the Satori club for the Chesterfield Shotokan Karate Club in pursuit of a more traditional and disciplined self defense based karate under Sensei Gandy.6th Dan.

Training sessions under Sensei Gandy are always an event as you never know what to expect. I enjoy the serious minded approach to karate taken by Sensei Gandy.

Currently I am graded to Yon-dan ( 4th Dan)  with the KUGB, which I attained in 2011.  I passed my Sho-dan (First Dan) in 1992 my Ni-dan (Second Dan) in 2002 and my .San- dan(third dan) in 2006.

Best competition success is fourth round of Shotokan Cup in 1994. Fourth round of KUGB National Championships in 1997. Semi finalist twice in the KUGB Central Region Championships in 1998 and 2008.

I currently train on the KUGB Central Region Kata Squad under Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan.
I hope to become more involved in teaching in the future, helping junior grades develop.


Sensei Mary Langen 2nd Dan -  Club Instructor

I have always been a sporty person. I enjoy a range of different sports namely :Tennis,Netball,Rounders and swimming.

I started Karate in 2008 at the age of 13 years, I needed to improve my confidence, also both my elder brothers had already started

karate at the C.S.K.C. so I decided to go along and watch them.                                                                                         

Having watched them for a couple of lessons I decided that I wanted to try it for myself. i found that I really enjoyed the training sessions under the instruction of Sensei Gandy.

Through training  hard  at CSKC and with the excellent instructing from the senseis at many KUGB courses I was able to pass all my kyu gradings under sensei Frank Brennan and finally I achieved my black belt in September 2011 under Senseis Andy Sherry and Bob Rhodes.

The many courses that I have attended have been instructed by a lot of the top KUGB instructors including senseis Sherry,Poynton,Rhodes, Brennan and Heald.

Training under these senseis is a huge honour for me as they are very inspirational to my daily karate training.

I have entered a lot of competitions during the 5 years that I have been doing karate, where I have won individual medals in both Kata and Kumite.

Karate has helped me to develop in many ways. It has improved my confidence, my fitness levels ( flexibillty, balance , concentration) and enabled me to be  confident with using self defence skills.

I hope to continue my karate training and reach my goals. Sensei Sherry invited me to attend trials for the National junior squad for Kumite in January 2012.- I gained selection into the squad , In 2013 I was again selected on to the National Junior Kumite squad,.thus reaching two of my goals.

On September 20th 2013 I was awarded my 2nd Dan Black belt from grading examiners Sensei A.Sherry 9th Dan and Sensei R.Rhodes 7th Dan. I also passed my driving test earlier in the week!



 Sensei Steve Pike 2nd Dan - Club Instructor                               

I began training in 1989 at Killamarsh Karate Club under Sensei Paul  Sharpe 3rd Dan.

In 1990 I passed my 9th kyu exam under Sensei Bob Rhodes 7th Dan.

In the same year I also started to train at the Chesterfield Karate club under Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan. I was soon training 5 days a week.

In addition, I was training on many of the Black & Brown belt courses and I entered regional and local competitions in the Kumite, Kata and team Kumite events on a regular basis.

As a 4th kyu in 1994 I came 2nd in kata  and 2nd in team kumite at the Yorkshire open Championships.

I passed my Shodan exam in January 1996 under Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan.

I qualified as a KUGB Instructor  on the 23rd November 2015

I passed my Nidan exam in February 2016 under Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan

Unfortunately, in 1999  due to Family and work commitments  I had to stop training.

In November 2012  I started training back at Chesterfield SKC. The club has grown hugely since 1999.

It now has a very strong Junior club ( Young tigers) run by Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan and a well supported and highly spirited senior class which has some excellent Instructors.

I enjoy the training as much as ever and I get pleasure in using my knowledge and experience by helping other club members.


 Sensei Duncan McLellan 2nd Dan - Club Instructor                              

I have been involved in sports from an early age and since leaving school I spent 3 years boxing, 7 years body building and 9 years playing rugby achieving high standards in all three discaplines.

I began karate at the CSKC in 2004 while still playing rugby, however, it was only in 2009 that I decided to concentrate all my efforts on karate.

I have competed in many KUGB competitions and have attended numerous training courses with some of the best instructors, namely: Senseis Andy Sherry,Bob rhodes, Billy Higgins,Frank Brennan, Garry Harford,Nick Heald and Matt Price.

I achieved my 1st Dan grading in May 2012  and my 2nd Dan grading in February 2016.I am fortunate in that CSKC have three senior and very experienced Instuctors who have been of immense help to me and are very supportive.

For the future I intend to continue my training and will always seek to improve every aspect of my karate. 



 Sensei Ryan Mills 2nd Dan Black Belt  


I was born in Chesterfield on the 28th March 2002. I have always been interested in sports especially Football ,Tennis and cricket.
I learnt about karate when an Instructor from the Chesterfield  Shotokan Karate club (C.S.K.C.), Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan, visited my school to do a karate demonstration. He was looking for new members for the newly formed "Young Tigers" group ( 5 years- 9 years). I joined in his class and was hooked immediately. That was in 2010.
Over the next few years I trained regularly and passed all my grading's up to 1st Kyu brown belt under the Instruction of Sensei Beresford. I was then invited to move up to the senior class by the chief Instructor Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan.
I have completed in many competitions and won bronze medal for individual junior kumite in the Central region championships in 2014. That same year the Senior Instructors of the club voted me "Best student " of the club.
Under the expert tuition of Sensei Gandy and much hard work on training  twice a week at the club and training on many of the Brown belt courses, I successfully passed my shodan (1st Dan) grading under Sensei A. Sherry 9th Dan in September 2015 in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
Thanks to karate, my strength, coordination and confidence have improved significantly.
On the18th of November 2018 I successfully passed my 2nd Dan Black belt  exam.

 The grading examiners were Sensei A.Sherry 9th Dan and Sensei W.Higgins 8th Dan.




Sensei Alex Boyce 2nd Dan Black Belt                                                       
I started karate at 9 years old through a month of "taster" courses at my primary school from Instuctor Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan.
I have always been interested in sport, especially football and swimming.
I enjoyed the karate lessons so much that I decided tot take it a step further by enrolling in    to   the   C.S.K.C. The club was very welcoming and friendly. I started to develop and progress through the Kyu grades under Sensei Beresford 4th Dan.
I attended many extra lessons in the Central Region under the eye of Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan.
In December 2015 I was presented with the clubs annual award for best "Young Tiger". In January 2016 I was invited to join the clubs senior classes by the clubs chief Instructor Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan I progressed quickly under Sensei Gandy's expert tuition and I passed my 1st Dan Black Belt exam in February 2017.
A week later I was selected on to the Central Regions Kata Squad where I hope to progress and refine my karate knowledge
My aims for the future are to get selected on the England Kata squad and eventually to represent my country at International Competitions. In addition, I hope to follow the example of the Sensei's of the club and progress through the Dan grades whilst passing on my karate skills to the younger members of the club.
On the 19th April 2019 I sucessfully passed my 2nd Dan Black belt exam.
The grading examiners were Sensei A.Sherry 9th Dan and Sensei F.Brennan 8th Dan.

 I  hope to take my Junior assistant Instructors exam in the near future. 

Sensei Andrew Langen 1st Dan - Club Instructor


From an early age I have been keen on sports - Football, Tennis, Ice hockey and indoor climbing.

I started karate in 2007. My elder brother was already a member of the  C.S.K.C . so I  went along and watched a few training sessions. 

Sensei Gandy's well structured lessons and the discipline really appealed to me so I joined soon after.

Through the excellent instruction I was getting from the Senseis ( Gandy,Beresford and McLeish) and by also training on many of the K.U.G.B. courses I was able to progress through the grades until finally achieving my black belt in March 2011.

Karate has helped me  to develop in many ways. It has improved my fitness levels, flexibility,coordination,concentration and my self esteem. I also find that these new skills have helped me to progress in other sports.

I have trained under a few of the top British Instructors including Senseis Sherry, Poynton and Brennan. I was also selected to train in Sensei Brennan's Central Region  kata squad in 2010.

I have competed in several National and Regional competitions including the Shotokan Cup and the Student's Championships.

I have won individual medals in the Kata and Kumite events and a silver medal in the men's team kumite,representing Warwick University.

I am now training at Warwick University (Sensei Frankie Heydari) and during the holidays back at C.S.K.C.

Karate has helped me to achieve many things in a short time.

For the future I hope to continue my karate education.



Sensei Curtis McLeish 1st Dan - Club Instructor  




I was born in Chesterfield in April 1998. I have always been very keen on sports activities especially Football, Kick Boxing, Athletics and table- tennis. I began karate at the C.S.K.C in 2009  whilst still doing other sports. I attended several Football Academies but I soon realised  that it was karate that I wanted to put all my efforts in to. I was really keen to improve and achieve good things in karate.



In my first grading I managed to double grade under Sensei Frank Brennan and continued to pass all my kyu grades under him and also Sensei J. Brennan.


In January 2013, whilst still a 1st Kyu  brown belt, Sensei F.Brennan invited me to attend trials for the Junior England Kumite Squad. I was successful in being selected  into the squad.


In August  2013 I was  told that I had been selected to represent the KUGB at the world championships  in Liverpool in September. I scored ippon in my very first fight which was very satisfying. It was a huge honour for me and the experience of fighting for my country in front of a home crowd is something  I will remember for the rest of my life.

   On the 3rd November 2013 I passed my 1st Dan black belt under Senseis Andy Sherry 9th Dan & Billy Higgins 8th Dan 

I achieved so much in 2013 but I could not have done it without the help and support of Sensei Gandy and Senseis Beresford and McLeish. 

I have attended courses under Senseis, Sherry, F.Brennan, J.Brennan and W.Higgins. A privilege to train under these KUGB Instructors 

Karate has definitely improved my fitness, confidence and concentration not just in karate but also in other daily things. 

I hope to continue my karate training for many more years to come and continue to improve. Competition Success's : 

2012- 2nd place Kumite in the Shotokan cup 

2013- 4th round Kumite  at the National Championships 
2013- 2nd place Kumite In the National Youth Championships
2013- 9th place Kumite in the World championships
2016- 1st place Kumite under 18's Central Region Champioships
On the 25th January 2014 I was again selected on  to the KUGB Junior Kumite Squad. 

Sensei Simon Fowler 1st Dan - Club Instructor 
I started my karate training in Shotokan Karate with the K.U.G.B. in 1987 whilst a student in Wolverhampton.
 My instructor was Sensei Randolf Hutton.
After 2 years of regular training 3 times a week, I achieved  1st Kyu Brown Belt.    
However, after leaving college, starting work and due to family commitments, I stopped training.
Even though I had stopped my karate studies, I still kept with me the attitude of perseverance and hard work that had been instilled into me during my karate training ; valuable lessons for life !
During the interim  years, I kept fit with fell running, hill walking, basket ball, cycling and sea kayaking.
I had always meant to return to karate, and so after a "pause" of some 28  years I began training in 2015 at the Chesterfield S.K.C under Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan.
The training was hard  and there was lots to remember, but I enjoyed the training and the high expectations from all the black belts at the club.
With the support and encouragement from everyone at the club, I was able to finally take my 1st Dan grading in October 2017 and passed under Sensei A.Sherry 9th Dan and Sensei W.higgins 8th Dan.
It just goes to show that even after a break of some 28 years and at the ago of 50, it is still possible to achieve such goals.
With more excellent tuition from the club instructors ( Senseis McLeish , Langen , Pike and McLellan) I intend to continue my karate studies and to see what else I might achieve in karate in the future.
My son, George, is now also training at the  club, so I am looking forward to the day when he too achieves 1st Dan grade.  
In December 2017 the Senior Instructors of the club presented me with a trophy for "Best club member" of the year.   

 Sensei Doug Rotherham 1st Dan - Club Instructor 
 I first became interested in starting karate at the age of 9 years. but it was short lived.
It was not until I reached my late teens that I started in ernest to train in karate. I joined a karate club in Killamarsh and trained under Sensei  Paul Sharpe. World renown karate Instructor Sensei Bob Rhodes was to become my grading examiner for most of my Kyu grade exams.
However, it was the late Sensei Cyril Cummins who made a huge impression on me. His sense of humour and his karate skills were awesome. In addition, he double graded me to 7th Kyu Yellow belt. I eventually reached 3rd Kyu Brown belt at the age of 19 years before family commitments forced me into retirement.. I did stay physically active in the ensuing years, taking up weight lifting and fell walking.
In August of 2017 my eldest son John expressed an interest to start karate training. The idea of me restarting karate after such a long break and to train along side my son, i found very appealing.
I googled karate clubs in the Chesterfield area .I remembered the name of an Instructor, Sensei Phillip Gandy, who taught at Middlecroft L.C. in Staveley and who I had trained with in the 1980's.
Sensei Gandy reintroduced me back into training and thanks to his exacting standard of Instruction,coupled with a club populated by knowledgeable and skilled Black belts namely Sensies McLeish, Langen,Pike and Mclellan, It is they that helped in driving my self motivation in the right direction. The hard 18 months of  training finally paid off. On the 17th February 2019 I achieved my Shodan grade at the Springwell L.C. Chesterfield.The grading examiners were Sensei A.Sherry 9th Dan and Sensei F.Brennan 8th Dan .Coincidently, the very same venue as when I trained with Sensei Gandy,then  a 2nd Dan all those years ago.
My son John is progressing well through the kyu grade ranks and it is always a pleasure to train along side him.I am very proud of him.
Karate teaches you to be the best that you can be. I believe the KUGB to be the best orginisation that allows me to further reach my goals and maintain my standard. In Chesterfield S.K.C, I know that I and my son John are in the best hands.
In December 2018 The Senior Club Iinstructors Presened Me With A Trophy For " Best Club Member" Of The Year. 
 Sensei Taylor McLeish 1st Dan  Black Belt


I was born in Chesterfield in May 2001. I started karate in 2010, but was not sure about doing Karate. This was

because I participated in many other sports such as, Football, Tennis, Table-Tennis, Kick Boxing and Rugby. After many sessions of watching my Dad train in Karate, I got bored of just watching, and realised I might achieve something out of this martial art. 


When I finally decided to take up a martial art, after 2 weeks of doing karate, I realised that it would help me defend my self.  Karate didn’t just help me in defending my self though, it also improved my fitness, confidence and concentration but not just in

Karate, it also helped me in other sports and activities. I passed my Shodan (first dan) on the 31st May 2015, under Sensei’s Andy Sherry 9th Dan  & Frank Brennan 8th Dan. 

I have got to thank Senseis Gandy, Beresford and McLeish for all their help and encouragement.
I hope to continue karate for many more years to come and to continually improve.
In January 2018 I attended trials for the KUGB Junior Kumite Squad.I was selected on to the Squad.
In January of 2019 i was again selected on to the KUGB Junior kumite squad.
Competition success's :
2013- 1st Central Region Individual kumite.
2013-  2nd National Championships Individual Kumite.
2014 -1st Central Region Individual Kumite
2014- 2nd Shotokan cup Individual Kumite
2014 - 3rd Central region individual Kata
2017 -3rd National Youth Championships 16-17yrs Individual Kumite




 Sensei Sinead Mills 1st Dan Black Belt                                                        

 I was born in Chesterfield on the 21st April 2000. I have always been interested in activities, especially dancing and for the last few years I have been an explorer scout. I have always enjoyed a challenge so I decided to follow my younger brother and join the local karate club . I started and stopped a couple of times until I decided that this was the challenge that I needed. So in 2011 I dedicated my time to karate and joined the "young tigers" group under Senior Instructor Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan.  



Over the next few years I trained regularly and passed all my grading's up to 1st Kyu brown belt standard.  I was then invited to move up to the senior class by the chief Instructor Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan.
I have competed in many competitions and won a  bronze medal for individual junior kumite in the Central region championships in 2015. I was training twice a week and at the weekends attended many Brown and Black belt courses . In 2015 I passed my 1st Dan black belt exam under Senseis A.Sherry and F.Brennan.. The same year the Senior Instructors of the club voted me "Best student " of 2015. Karate has helped me to grow in confidence, strength and stamina. Karate also pushes me to be the best that I can be, not just in the dojo but also in every day life. For the future I am training hard towards my 2nd Dan and I also hope to take my Junior assistant Instructors exam in the near future. 

Sensei Aleksander Bendinger -1st Dan Black Belt 
 I started my first karate lesson at the Chesterfield Shotokan Karate Club when I was 5 years old .                                                                                                                                                                 
 It was very challenging at first but thanks to the support of the Senior  club Instructor, Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan I made very good progress. Over the next 4 years I passed all my kyu grade exams (9) under former World Champion, Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan. Also,all the other club Instructors made me feel very welcome and mentored me throughout this process.
In December 2016 the Senior club instructors awarded me the club's annual trophy for "Best Young Tiger"
To improve my karate skills further and to improve my confidence I began taking part in competitions. I won a Bronze medal in March 2019 in the Central Region Championships in the Junior Ippon Kumite, under 12 years event. Having passed all my kyu grade exams I then began to train for my black belt under the tutelage of the club's chief Instructor Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan.
I trained very hard for the next 9 months and on March 16th 2019 I passed my 1st Dan Black Belt exam. The grading Examiners were world renown Senseis Andy Sherry 9th Dan and Billy Higgins 8th Dan. The gradings took place in Abingdon Nr Oxford.
Karate has helped me in so many ways. It has given me more confidence, it has improved my school work and it has made it easier to take on other sports namely tennis and snow skiing.
Karate has become my passion and I want to continue to train hard and to eventually pass my 2nd Dan Black Belt in two years time.
To this end I have been invited to train in the Senior class by Sensei Gandy. 
Sensei Evan Hopkins- 1st Dan Black Belt
I started,with my brother, at the C.S.K.C in June of 2015 when I was 8 years old.
We had transferred from a different organisation that had recently closed down. My  new Instructor Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan made me feel very welcome.For the first 
 year I would train only on a Monday night as I had  other committments, so my progression
was not as quick as I would have liked. Not long after we had joined CSKC my brother
left the club, but I carried on as I enjoyed the training and I had made some new friends.
I have always been interested in sports, especially football but karate challenged me in different ways. 
I took my first grading on the 11th September 2015 under world renown karata ka
Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan. He was to be my grading examiner for the next 3 years.
In 2017 I began training twice a week and under the club's chief Instructor Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan I completed all my kyu grade exams on the 15th June 2018. By this time I was training twice a week at the club and going on courses and entering competitions,
in preperation for taking by black belt exam.. After a further year of hard training I finally passed my Black belt on the 2nd June 2019. The course was held in Manchester and the grading examiners were Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan and Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan   
 Sensei Ruben Singh Sohal- 1st Dan Black Belt
I joined CSKC in September of 2015 when I was 6 years old. I began training
in the "Young Tigers" group. with my younger aister under Senior club Instructor
Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan. We quickly made new driends and also persuaded
some of our school friends to come along to. In the beginning training was hard,there
was a lot to leard in terms of skill,discipline and etiquette in the dojo.
 In March of 2016 I passed my  first grading under World renown Sensei
Frank Brennan 8th Dan who was to become my grading examiner for the next
three years.  
 As my confidence grew I started training twice a week under the clubs chief instructor Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan.
I worked hard,attended various courses around the country, developing my skills,understanding, and concentration.
Over the next three years I enterd in the KUGB regional and national competitions in both kata and kumite,individuals and team events. Although scary at first,I really enjoyed the competitions and will continue to participate in the future.

In December of 2017 I was awarded the "best junior student"of the year voted by the club's senior Instructors.

In June 2019 I took my Shodan Black belt exam.  The training, practice and effort leadingup to the exam was intense but I tried my very best and gave it everything, which was rewarded by me passing the exam at the first attempt and receiving my black belt! The course was held in Manchester and the grading examiners were Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan and Senei Frank Brennan 8th Dan.

Through karate at CSKC I have improved my strength and fitness, concentration and self-confidence which has also helped me with other activities including  my school work.

CSKC  has a great set of instructors, all who have helped me along my Karate journey.

This is one of the may reasons why I will continue to train with the club as often as possible, in preparation for future competitions and my next grading.

Sensei Simran Kaur Sohal -1st Dan Black Belt 

 I joined CSKC in September 2015 when I had just turned 5 years old. I began training in the Young Tigers sessions

with my older brother Ruben under Sensei Roger Beresford 4th Dan. I was one of youngest in the club at the time

and although scary at first, after a couple weeks I gained confidence and started to enjoy the training which involved

warm-up games, punching, kicking, and blocking.  

In March 2016 I went for my first grading exam which was held in Nottingham under world renowned karata ka Sensei

Frank Brennan 8th Dan who would be my grading examiner for the next 3 years. 

 Having never been to a grading exam before I was quite scared, the hall was massive and there were many attendees of all ages grades. After several words of encouragement from Sensei Brennan I plucked up the courage to take the exam and passed!

 From this first grading exam I learned that no matter how scary something appears, as long as I tried my very best,I had nothing to fear.

 Over the next three years I trained twice a week, I participated in the KUGB Regional and National Championships which are held in Chesterfield, in team and individual events. I really enjoyed the competitions and will continue to participate in the future.

 By June 2019 I was ready for my black belt exam. I had been poorly and off school the week before, but under the guidance and encouragement of the club’s Senior Instructor Sensei Phillip Gandy 6th Dan I took my Shodan exam and passed first time! The course was held in Manchester and the grading examiners were Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan and Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan. 

 I am currently the youngest 1st Dan in the clubs 49-year history and one of the youngest ever in the KUGB.I have really enjoyed everything that I have learnt from doing karate.Most importantly I have learnt to always train hard and to be the best that I can be.

If you work hard and with lots of practice,anything is possible.